Passion is probably the biggest dating site there is out there right now.  The numbers that I found were through a big range, but the smallest was 18 million members and the biggest was 22 million members, so they are probably somewhere in between there.  When I signed up I was expecting to see lots of fake profiles, people that don’t talk and just waste time and money.  But I was surprised to see that lots of people I knew were also using and they all seemed to have been using it for a while.  So I jumped in and started messaging girls and all that and since it’s not focused towards sex like lots of other dating sites, the girls were more likely to respond.  The key was to read their profiles and talk to them about stuff they liked, and open with a line that has something they like in it, not just hi.  Still haven’t met anyone off of this site but I’ve talked to lots of girls who I probably could have moved to the next step to if I wasn’t so damn lazy. Anyways, check out just click here or click on the link below!

Check out just click here to start!

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