Book of Sex Review

Book of Sex is the latest dating website out there with an adult side to it.  It may not be the best site to go to if you’re looking for a very long term relationship or something like that but if you’re looking for a one nighter or a bang buddy then this is the site you want to visit.  It has real members because it is built off the same database as some other very popular sites and that means you aren’t going to be wasting your time with fake profiles on it.  Try it out today, even if you don’t like what you see in the dating aspect of it you’ll love what you see when you watch all the videos the members have put up!

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Fling Review

Fling is one of the latest adult dating sites to pick up speed on the internet.  From a site that not many people have heard of, Fling is now the second largest adult dating site right behind Adult Friend Finder.  I’ve never signed up for it personally but I have a friend who told me he’s used it and it’s worked for him.  Looking at the site and going through it as a free member I noticed that there are lots of local people and that it gives you a little picture of most if not all of them.  That’s the best way (at least for me) to see someone you know distantly because those are almost guaranteed lays.

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Passion is probably the biggest dating site there is out there right now.  The numbers that I found were through a big range, but the smallest was 18 million members and the biggest was 22 million members, so they are probably somewhere in between there.  When I signed up I was expecting to see lots of fake profiles, people that don’t talk and just waste time and money.  But I was surprised to see that lots of people I knew were also using and they all seemed to have been using it for a while.  So I jumped in and started messaging girls and all that and since it’s not focused towards sex like lots of other dating sites, the girls were more likely to respond.  The key was to read their profiles and talk to them about stuff they liked, and open with a line that has something they like in it, not just hi.  Still haven’t met anyone off of this site but I’ve talked to lots of girls who I probably could have moved to the next step to if I wasn’t so damn lazy. Anyways, check out just click here or click on the link below!

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uLust Review

uLust is the newest dating site to come out, with tons of members and a nice and sleek design this one is sure to go far.  Checking it out I did the usual, I signed up first as a free member and surfed around a bit.  Running this site it’s always one of my main things to find how many members it has so I can rank it among the biggest dating sites.  This one comes in pretty high with over four million profiles.  Since it’s still pretty new, you want to make sure you really search your area.  When I searched mine I found tons of girls so I went ahead and paid for the membership.  I was expecting to be let down but sure enough the experience was good after paying.  I went in and searched and started messaging left and right hoping to get a bite.  At first I though it was doing no good but after a little while I got a couple of messages back.  I still haven’t met anyone off of it but I talk to one girl online regularly that I met on this site, and that’s why I keep it up high as featured.  Check out uLust by clicking here or click below.

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