Adult Friend Finder Review

I think Adult Friend Finder was the first dating site I ever joined.  It was a few years ago and it seemed to be all over the internet.  So I signed up as a free member and checked it out a little and was surprised to see how many girls I’d gone to highschool with had signed up on it.  One of the ones that always flirted with me was there and I couldn’t believe what her profile said.  There is a space where girls can write any fantasies they have, and this girl had written that her fantasy is to be tied up and blindfolded as she’s fucked!  What a dirty girl!  With that in mind the next time I saw the girl online I made sure to hit her up.  Sure enough after a short conversation she told me that her and her boyfriend hadn’t been fucking a lot lately and that she wanted to fuck.  I went back to her place and her room mates were supposed to be leaving for the night but they ended up staying because one of them drank too much and was puking everywhere.  So she asked me to drive her back to where she actually slept (her boyfriend’s house!) and on the way there she told me she wished we could just do it in the backseat or something.  I looked at her and told her the front seat is better and we parked at a little park and I banged the shit out of her!  The best part was when I dropped her off and she kissed me goodnight knowing that she’s going to go in there and kiss her boyfriend with those same lips that I just kissed her with and just hours ago were sliding up and down my shaft.  Anyways, that’s why I reccomend Adult Friend Finder, they have over 15 million members and they let you go in and check out profiles for free.  That way you can see if there a lot of people in your area, and most profiles are real people looking for sex with this one!


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